Tezos Suisse Node

We are currently overdelegated. Please choose another Baker as your delegate. Addresses delegating to us, even though our staking capacity is reached, will not be considered and take part in our reward distribution.


Already Baking for

424 days

Baking efficiency

over 99%

Number of Delegators


Staking Capacity

300000 ꜩ

Staking Balance

367841 ꜩ

Current Cycle



Use our delegation address: tz1hAYfexyzPGG6RhZZMpDvAHifubsbb6kgn

Galleon Wallet
Tezbox Wallet
Wetez Wallet


Check your rewards by entering your KT1 address. Notice that it takes 12 cycles for your first payout to receive. After that your share will be distributed every cycle (all 3 days) directly to your KT1 address. One cycle lasts about 2.8 days.


Bitcoin has mining, Tezos has baking. Bakers obtain the right to create blocks when a Tezos token (or rather a roll, see below) they own (or that is delegated to them) is randomly selected to create a block.
By delegating, you give the baking rights of your tezzies to a baker. You never handle the private keys: the tezzies are still in your control. It’s just a way to earn more coins
When delegating, you get a share of the newly created Tezos tokens. Without delegating, the value of the tokens you own is deflated compared to the other users who participate.
The only risk that you are taking is that the delegation service doesnt pay your rewards. Your capital is safe in your own account.
Yes, you can cancel or reassign your delegation from your Wallet at any time.
No. You are free to transfer/spend your funds as you wish, as well as to change your delegate at any time. Note, the blockchain consensus algorithm randomly takes periodic balance snapshots for blockchain accounting. Your balance and delegation at the time of the snapshot are what matters for a delegate crediting you.
We accept all delegates with 100+ tezos.
A baker needs to have 8.5% of XTZ as a bond (own balance) for number of Tezos delegated to him. E.g a baker can only have 1,000,000 XTZ delegated to him if he has a bond (own balance of the baker) of 85,000 XTZ. Think of it as a bus. Only a limited number of people can sit in the bus(first come,first serve). Anyone getting in bus after seats are filled has to stand up and will not be able to get a seat (reward). Unless someone gets out of the bus and a seat gets vacant.
After delegating it takes around 35 days for your first payout because of the baking rights. After that, you will receive all 3 day your share directly to your KT1 address.
For further questions about Tezos you can contact us via e-mail: info@tezos-suisse.com.